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Sean Scalmer

Sean Scalmer

Sean Scalmer teaches at the University of Melbourne, where he is a Professor of History. His work is especially concerned with social movements, class, and democracy. His latest books are Democratic Adventurer: Graham Berry and the Making of Australian Democracy (2020) and the co-edited Remembering Social Movements: Activism and Memory (2021).

Sean Scalmer reviews 'Class in Australia' edited by Steven Threadgold and Jessica Gerrard

May 2022, no. 442 24 April 2022
To contemplate class in Australia is to be confronted immediately by paradox. Australia has over the past forty years become much more unequal, and yet those institutions formed to contest class inequality – the trade unions and the Labor Party – have become weaker and less militant. The labour movement has largely avoided a language of class as divisive and old-fashioned, and yet right-wing p ... (read more)

Sean Scalmer reviews 'The New Individualism: The Emotional Costs of Globalisation' by Anthony Elliott and Charles Lemert

February 2007, no. 288 01 February 2007
Writings on globalisation have so far been of three principal types. First came the fables of discovery: bold, confident and romantic. Next came the stories of resistance: variously decrying the consequences of the new order, or denying that there was anything particularly novel about this globalisation malarkey. More recently, however, we have entered the age of elaboration. These fresher writing ... (read more)