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Karen Green

Karen Green

Karen Green is a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne and the author of A History of Women’s Political Thought in Europe, 1700-1800, Catharine Macaulay’s Republican Enlightenment, and Joan of Arc and Christine de Pizan’s Ditié (Cambridge University Press, 2014).  

Karen Green reviews 'A Terribly Serious Adventure: Philosophy and war at Oxford 1900–1960' by Nikhil Krishnan

September 2023, no. 457 27 August 2023
This is an entertaining family biography of Oxford philosophy from 1900 to 1960. Nikhil Krishnan has mined various autobiographies and reminiscences to craft a series of biographical sketches, anecdotes, and snapshots of philosophy at Oxford during the twentieth century. He has traced the connections, legacies, and disagreements among the philosophers, demonstrating how, over the years, pupils cam ... (read more)

Karen Green reviews 'Women Philosophers in Nineteenth-Century Britain' by Alison Stone

June 2023, no. 454 24 May 2023
Ask anybody to name a philosopher and, chances are, if they can name one, it will be a man. Ask them to name a nineteenth-century British philosopher and they may be stumped, but if they can name one, it will be a man. This book on nineteenth-century women philosophers thus delves into the intersection of two areas of general ignorance. Women have been virtually absent from the history of philoso ... (read more)