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Phillip Deery

Phillip Deery
Phillip Deery is the author of Red Apple: Communism and McCarthyism in Cold War New York, reviewed in the November issue of ABR. He teaches history at Victoria University, Melbourne.

Phillip Deery reviews 'The Spy Catchers: The official history of ASIO 1949–1963, Volume One' by David Horner

December 2014, no. 367 01 December 2014
In the interests of national security, my luggage was recently searched at Los Angeles airport. The culprit: Spy Catchers. The uncorrected proof copy was so bulky that it triggered an alert. I declined to tell the Customs and Border Protection officer (in no mood for irony) that one chapter in the offending item was entitled ‘Keeping out Undesirables’. David Horner’s first volume in the hist ... (read more)