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Chris Tiffin

Chris Tiffin is a Honorary Research Senior Fellow at the School of Communication at the University of Queensland.

Chris Tiffin reviews 'Poetry in Pictures: The Great Barrier Reef' by Mark O’Connor and Neville Coleman

February–March 1987, no. 88 01 February 1987
Illustrations are almost mandatory for certain types of books, technical manuals, travel books. Illustrated poetry is not unheard of, but neither is it a common phenomenon in Australia, the normal perception being that poetry is a discrete and competent medium. Nevertheless, there are times when pictorial complementation has been thought desirable. Such a book is O’Connor and Coleman’s Poetry ... (read more)

Chris Tiffin reviews 'Yoogum Yoogum' by Lionel George Fogarty

February–March 1983, no. 48 01 February 1983
Yoogum Yoogum is the second collection of verse by Lionel George Fogarty, a young Queensland Aboriginal whose earlier volume, Kargun, did not get a great deal of attention when it was published in 1980. Fogarty’s themes are ones increasingly heard in contemporary Australian writing: the historical dispossession of the Aboriginals, the present decay and demoralisation of Aboriginal society, white ... (read more)