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Ken Inglis

Ken Inglis

Ken Inglis (1929–2017) was a historian at the Australian National University. His many books included The Australian Colonists, Sacred Places: War memorials in the Australian landscape, and a two-volume history of the ABC.

Ken Inglis reviews 'A Distant Grief: Australians, war graves and the Great War' by Bart Ziino

June 2007, no. 292 01 June 2007
The Shrine of Remembrance is such a familiar object in the landscape of Melbourne that we can easily be unaware of its singularity. This is, as far as I can tell, the largest purely monumental structure in the world commemorating the war of 1914–18, a great memorial to participants in the Great War. The duke of Gloucester inaugurated the Shrine before a crowd of more than three hundred thousand ... (read more)

Ken Inglis reviews 'Waiting for the Revolution: A history of Australian Nationalism' by Noel McLachlan

April 1989, no. 109 01 April 1989
What Revolution? The title’s a teaser! Echoes of Lefty/Godot? You’ll understand if I’m infected by Noel McLachlan’s prose. On page after page, sentences and semi-sentences addressing the reader informally/colloquially (even verblessly!), rich in apostrophes, italics, parentheses, sloping lines between pairs/triads, even quartets/quintets, of words, ending often with exclamation marks and ... (read more)