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Ben Saul

Ben Saul

Ben Saul is Challis Chair of International Law at The University of Sydney, an Associate Fellow of Chatham House in London, and has taught law at Harvard and Oxford.

'The law of the jungle: Western hypocrisy over the Russian invasion of Ukraine' by Ben Saul

July 2022, no. 444 25 June 2022
Russia’s full-throttle invasion of Ukraine is so shocking because it is such a brazen assault on the post-1945 world order. Reminiscent of the age of empire, this is no border skirmish but an attempt to extinguish and cannibalise an independent neighbouring country. War was first outlawed as an instrument of foreign policy by the Kellogg–Briand Pact of 1928, but it failed to stem the fascis ... (read more)

Ben Saul reviews 'In the Company of Cowards' by Michael Mori

April 2015, no. 370 25 March 2015
The unusual case of David Hicks is one of the most spectacular and politically supercharged miscarriages of justice in Australian history. Like the infamous Boer War case of Breaker Morant, Hicks was politically scapegoated and grossly denied a fair trial. Unlike Morant – a war criminal who murdered prisoners of war – even Hicks’s accuser, the United States, never claimed that Hicks had hurt ... (read more)