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Peter Dennis

Peter Dennis reviews 'Strategic Command: General Sir John Wilton and Australia's Asian Wars' by David Horner

May 2006, no. 281 01 May 2006
The name of Sir John Wilton would be unknown to the vast majority of the Australian public, to the defence community as a whole, and even, I suspect, to many of those now in the army. Such is the transitory nature of military prestige. David Horner’s biographical study seeks to correct this, and to explain the centrality of Wilton’s career to the development of Australian defence policy and op ... (read more)

Peter Dennis reviews 'German Raiders of the South Seas' by Robin Bromby and 'Royal Australian Navy 1942–1945' by G. Hermon Gill

June 1986, no. 81 01 June 1986
The history of Australia at war has tended to focus on the exploits of the Australian army to the neglect of the other two services. It is usually forgotten, for example, that the most famous of Australia’s military actions, that at Gallipoli, was part of a combined operation, in which the failure to land the troops at the designated spot virtually condemned the attack from the outset. In both w ... (read more)