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Bronwen Levy

Bronwen Levy was a lecturer in literary studies and communication studies at the South Australian College of Advanced Education (Magill).

Bronwen Levy reviews 'Was Your Dad A Russian Spy? The personal story of the Combe/Ivanov Affair by David Combe’s wife' by Meena Blesing

February–March 1987, no. 88 01 February 1987
As Meena Blesing explained in an interview on Sixty Minutes, writing an autobiographical account of her life during the Combe-Ivanov Royal Commission was something she needed to do. Writing the book allowed her to discuss the events of 1983 and their consequences in a way that gave expression to and ordered her anger. For the reader, Blesing’s very personal story provides a perspective on the Co ... (read more)

Bronwen Levy reviews 'The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender' by Marele Day

December 1988, no. 107 01 December 1988
A crucial clue is given right at the beginning in the form of a lavender plant punningly sent to Claudia Valentine, our detective heroine. Like just about everything else in the novel, it turns out to have been put there by the novel’s Mr Big, Harry Lavender. And finding out the extent of his influence is what keeps us going through the back alleys and one way streets, more often than the smooth ... (read more)

Bronwen Levy reviews 'The Public Culture: The Triumph of Industrialism' by Donald Horne

October 1986, no. 85 04 December 1986
‘There are not many Australian academics whose conversation shows awareness of the main intellectual dilemmas of the age. (These are nobody’s specialty.)’ So wrote Donald Horne in The Lucky Country, yet Horne, variously academic, editor, journalist, writer, administrator, and Chair of the Australia Council, in his writing himself might be seen as a happy exception to his rule. His latest boo ... (read more)