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Mungo MacCallum

Mungo MacCallum

Mungo MacCallum (1941–2020) was an Australian political journalist and commentator. 

Mungo MacCallum reviews 'Strive to be Fair' by Don Whitington

September 1978, no. 4 01 September 1978
Don Whitington became a journalist seven years before I was born, and moved to Canberra for the first time shortly before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He died last year, after a tragically bungled series of surgical operations, before he was able to complete his autobiography, Strive to be Fair. The title is taken from a remark one of the many editors for whom he worked made: ‘There is no ... (read more)

Mungo MacCallum reviews 'Don Chipp' by Tim Hewat and David Wilson

September 1978, no. 4 01 September 1978
It was inevitable that the phenomenon of Don Chipp’s Democrats would spawn an industry of quickie books; so far we have had two. The Third Man (which was written by Chipp himself in collaboration with the Melbourne journalist John Larkin) and now this one: Don Chipp, written by two journalists from the Melbourne office of The Australian, Tim Hewat and David Wilson. Both books are more or less ba ... (read more)

Mungo MacCallum reviews 'Stirring the Possum' by James McClelland

December 1988, no. 107 01 December 1988
It seems strange to describe Diamond Jim McClelland as, really, rather an old-fashioned man. Few septuagenarians have anything like his energy, his forthrightness, his optimism, or, most of all, his receptivity to new ideas. But if there is a continuous thread in his extraordinarily full and complex life, it can probably be best summed up as a very untrendy, passionate commitment to morality. The ... (read more)