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Ross McKibbin

Ross McKibbin was educated at the University of Sydney and is a historian of modern Britain. An emeritus fellow of St John’s College, Oxford University, he is also a long-time contributor to the London Review of Books.

Ross McKibbin reviews 'Fall Out: A year of political mayhem' by Tim Shipman

May 2018, no. 401 26 April 2018
At present it is virtually impossible to make any confident prediction about the future of British politics, or indeed of the British state. The future lies in a fog where shadowy figures can be discerned but none is readily identifiable. Nothing should surprise us, but it now always does. This has been true since the 2015 general election when the Conservatives won an unexpected parliamentary maj ... (read more)

Whatever it takes: A chronicle of failure and deceit in the Chilcot Report by Ross McKibbin

March 2017, no. 389 22 February 2017
The publication of the much-delayed Chilcot Report on the origins and consequences of Britain’s participation in the Iraq war has had its resonances, but they would have been more profound had it been published two or three years ago. It is hard on John Chilcot that his Report has had to compete in the public mind with Brexit and Donald Trump. Furthermore, in a general sense, most people had alr ... (read more)