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Geoffrey Radcliffe

Geoffrey Radcliffe was Associate Editor of Australian Book Review and a Melbourne journalist.

Geoffrey Radcliffe reviews 'Australian Writers: An illustrated guide to their lives and work' by Graeme Kinross-Smith

February–March 1980, no. 18 01 February 1980
Normally, Australia’s Writers could be expected to attract the special attention of critics. However, by sensible use of his preface and the quality of his book’s contents, Graeme Kinross Smith has minimised the possibility of adverse comment. Carefully, he sets out the guidelines adopted for the fifty­four essays that range from two to ten pages each, starting with Captain Arthur Phillip ... (read more)

Geoffrey Radcliffe reviews 'Confederates' by Thomas Keneally

February–March 1980, no. 18 01 February 1980
On one of the early chaotic army days of World War II in France, I was combining the disagreeable tasks of eating and censoring letters home written by the men in my section. One letter was of the ‘hope-this­finds-you-as-it-leaves-me’ variety, but it contained five words that stood out in the surrounding illiteracy: ‘War is a be bleed in bastid’. It was a statement that became an epit ... (read more)