Literary Anthology

Joseph Rubbo reviews 'The Lifted Brow' edited by Stephanie Van Schilt, Ellena Savage, and Gillian Terzis

Joseph Rubbo
26 February 2016

Melbourne-based 'attack journal', The Lifted Brow, has gone through another evolution. Once teetering on the edge of the defunct-journal abyss, it was reborn in 2015, phoenix-like, bigger and better than ever. The earlier newspaper-style format has been replaced by a quality A4 magazine. There have bee ... More

Cassandra Atherton reviews 'Freeman's' edited by John Freeman

Cassandra Atherton
30 November 2015

Arrival is the first volume in a new series of literary anthologies comprising previously unpublished fiction, non-fiction, and poetry edited by John Freeman, former editor of UK-based Granta. The book begins with a boring and self-indulgent introduction about the choice of theme: Arrival. Freeman explains that after experiencing serious turbulence ... More