May 2016, no. 381

Welcome to the May issue of ABR Online. In Advances we announce our major new partnership with Monash University. Peter Goldsworthy reviews a posthumous collection of poems by the great Peter Porter – after whom our Poetry Prize is named. We review novels by Patrick Modiano, David Dyer, Julian Barnes, Josephine Rowe, and Jack Cox. States of Poetry this month heads to New South Wales. State editor Elizabeth Allen has chosen poems from six NSW poets, including ABR Laureate David Malouf. We print three of them in this issue, including the extraordinary 'Visitation on Myrtle Street' (a recent online Poem of the Week) and the complete digital anthology will be available soon.

May 2016, no. 381

Jill Jones reviews 'Everywhere I Look' by Helen Garner

Jill Jones

You could regard this latest book by Helen Garner as simply a collection of various essays, a miscellany if you wish, but to do so would be to give it less than its due. There is nothing c ... More

Mark Triffitt reviews two books by George Megalogenis

Mark Triffitt

Compared to the epic narratives of America and Europe, our story can seem rather unglamorous. Australia's 'tyranny of distance' from the seismic events of world history induces a vague sen ... More

Luke Horton reviews 'Dodge Rose' by Jack Cox

Luke Horton

The circumstances around the publication of Dodge Rose, Jack Cox's début novel, have attracted considerable attention in Australian literary circles. A choice publicity tale as t ... More

Felicity Plunkett reviews 'The Midnight Watch' by David Dyer

Felicity Plunkett

Two headlines, a day apart, evoke the confusion surrounding the fate of the Titanic in April 1912. New York's Evening Sun reported, 'ALL SAVED FROM TITANIC AFTER COLLISIO ... More

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