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Kirk Graham

Kirk Graham

Kirk Graham is a PhD student in history at the University of Queensland.

Kirk Graham reviews 'How To Be An Academic: The thesis whisperer reveals all' by Inger Mewburn

March 2018, no. 399 22 February 2018
The idea that academia is a meritocracy in which intelligence and hard work will inevitably result in a long and storied career sounds these days like the foundation myth of a dead religion. Inger Mewburn’s How to Be an Academic is a salve for people such as myself who were silly enough to pursue a research career anyway. Bringing together some of the more popular posts from her blog, ‘The The ... (read more)

Kirk Graham reviews 'Everybody Lies: What the Internet can tell us about who we really are' by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

November 2017, no. 396 25 October 2017
With the help of new data such as Google searches, economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz promises to reveal our innermost secrets. ‘Everything is data!’ he writes, ‘And with all this new data, we can finally see through people’s lies.’ Everybody Lies is a techno-evangelist’s search for clean answers amid the tangle of society, a glossy catalogue of online activity realised as a prized com ... (read more)