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Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Flinders University. He is the author of Sympathy: A Philosophical Analysis (2002), Moralism: A Study of a Vice (2012), and co-editor of Hume and the Enlightenment (2011). He is currently editing a book entitled A Sense for Humanity: The Ethical Thought of Raimond Gaita, forthcoming with Monash University Publishing.

Craig Taylor reviews 'Ultimate Questions' by Brian Magee

August 2016, no. 383 26 July 2016
This small book is the culmination of a lifetime's thought about some of the deepest and most unfathomable philosophical questions: the limits of our knowledge of the world; the nature of morality; the nature of our being; and our thoughts- about what lies beyond death. Magee is a philosopher and his attempts to grapple with his chosen questions reflect this; in particular, the influence on him of ... (read more)

Craig Taylor reviews 'The Antipodean Philosopher, Volume 2: Interviews with Australian and New Zealand Philosophers' edited by Graham Oppy and N.N. Trakakis

December 2012–January 2013, no. 347 27 November 2012
This volume, which complements a collection of public lectures by Australian and New Zealand Philosophers, comprises separate interviews with fourteen prominent Australasian philosophers. Many general readers will be unfamiliar with the interviewees, the exception being Peter Singer, whose international reputation transcends academic philosophy. However, the subjects, and indeed many other Austral ... (read more)