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Emily Fraser

Emily Fraser reviews 'Consumed' by Caroline Hamilton

June 2008, no. 302 01 June 2008
A startling début novel by Melbourne-based author Caroline Hamilton, Consumed is a truly macabre story that will disturb and alienate some of its readers. The (at times patchy) prose revels in its gratuitous descriptions of the preparation of food, especially meat, but this may be a deliberate choice in the face of sanitised offerings available at your local supermarket. ... (read more)

Emily Fraser reviews 'Murder in the Dark' by Kerry Greenwood

September 2006, no. 284 01 September 2006
Murder in the Dark is a worthy addition to the vast Phryne Fisher collection. Fans of this well-researched series will be pleased to rediscover the usual St Kilda cast, and will welcome the diverse, if not always likeable, supporting cast of profligate party-goers, polo-playing cowgirls, sultry American jazz musicians, rather luscious young men and the occasional goat. ... (read more)

Emily Fraser reviews 'Tasmanian Devil: A Unique and Threatened Animal' by David Owen and David Pemberton

May 2006, no. 281 01 May 2006
A magnet on my fridge has a cartoon image of a Tasmanian Devil and reads: ‘Send Tassie more Tourists – the last ones were delicious!’ David Owen and David Pemberton’s book shows how flawed the stereotype of the Devil as an insatiable, aggressive animal is. They reveal the Devil’s complex nature in this well-researched and detailed work, which is the first on the Devil to be published. ... (read more)

Emily Fraser reviews 'Inspector Anders and the Blood Vendetta' by Marshall Browne

April 2007, no. 290 01 April 2007
Inspector Anders, the one-legged anti-terrorist expert, is back. In Marshall Browne’s new novel, he returns to Italy after being sent to the safety of a Europol desk, away from the southern Italian mafia, who had sworn, and attempted, to kill him. Outspoken right-wing politicians are being murdered, and all the signs point to serial killings with deep-seated motives. While the police claim that ... (read more)