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Helen Garner

Helen Garner

Helen Garner is an Australian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist. 

Helen Garner reviews 'The First UQP Story Book' by Craig Munro

May 1981, no. 30 01 May 1981
The only woman in The First UQP Story Book is the naked one on the front cover. She is sitting in a kind of beanbag chair with her legs crossed and a floppy straw hat pulled down over her eyes. She is reading a book called The Possession of Amber which is by Nicholas Jose. Nicholas Jose is a man and so he was allowed to be actually in The First UQP Story Book. ... (read more)

Helen Garner reviews 'That Eye The Sky' by Tim Winton

February–March 1986, no. 78 01 February 1986
This book is about a twelve-year-old boy called Ort Flack, into whose life, at a moment of drastic need, bursts none other than God, in the form of a silvery white cloud. The cloud has been there all along, hanging over the house, a personal vision of Ort’s, as mysterious and troubling and comforting to him as certain other strange things that he alone notices – the way the contents of his mot ... (read more)