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Brian Stoddart

Brian Stoddart, Emeritus Professor and former Vice-Chancellor at La Trobe University, and Research Professor at the University of Newcastle, has written extensively on sports culture.

Brian Stoddart reviews 'The Darker Nations: A people's history of the third world' by Vijay Prashad

October 2007, no. 295 01 October 2007
Kingston, Jamaica was scary in early 1985. Asked what reggae track was playing on his shop stereo, a Rastaman retaliated, ‘What the fuck do you want to know for?’ An elderly, one-legged woman maintained a meagre crafts display in a dockside souvenir shed, though no cruise ship had called there in a year. A ‘cheap’ chicken dinner cost more than a waiter earned in a month. A block from the h ... (read more)

Brian Stoddart reviews 'Boycott: The story behind Australia’s controversial involvement in the 1980 Moscow Olympics' by Lisa Forrest

March 2008, no. 299 01 March 2008
Almost thirty years on, in a post-Samaranch age, when the wealthy Olympic movement mimics the United Nations in world affairs, the 1980 Moscow Games resemble prehistory, especially for Australian athletes, officials and spectators still revering 2000 Sydney successes. Yet as Lisa Forrest recounts, the Moscow boycott shredded the traditional views of Australian sports people, ensured national sport ... (read more)

Brian Stoddart reviews 'On Top Down Under' by Ray Robinson

June 1982, no. 41 01 June 1982
Cricket is a remarkably fickle game. As Greg Chappell went about season 1981–82 collecting ducks as successfully as any Balinese farmer, Ray Robinson might well have rued his final line on one of Australia’s most-ever favoured batsmen: ‘At thirty-two he had achieved the kind of fame that needs no Academy Award of a foot-high golden statuette.’ The dilemmas of pre-final career assessment a ... (read more)