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Robert Manne

Robert Manne

Robert Manne is Emeritus Professor Politics at La Trobe University and a former Chair of ABR. He is the author of dozens of books and three Quarterly Essays for Black Inc.

La Trobe University Essay | George Orwell: A centenary tribute by Robert Manne

December 2003–January 2004, no. 257 01 December 2003
George Orwell, born in 1903, was the child of a British Empire civil service family with long Burmese connections, which belonged, as he put it with characteristic precision and drollery, to the lower upper middle class. By the time he went to fight against fascism in Spain in 1936, he had already quit his job in the Burmese colonial police, attempted to drop out of the English class system, and b ... (read more)

Robert Manne reviews 'Staining the Wattle: A people’s history of Australia since 1788' edited by Verity Burgmann and Jenny Lee

December 1988, no. 107 01 December 1988
Staining the Wattle is the fourth volume of a series edited by Verity Burgmann and Jenny Lee collectively entitled A People’s History of Australia since 1788. People’s history, as understood by Burgmann and Lee, is not popular history, that is to say history written to be of interest to the general reader. This book actually makes very dull reading. Nor is it exactly, at least to judge by this ... (read more)

Robert Manne reviews '100 Years: The Australian story' by Paul Kelly

April 2001, no. 229 01 April 2001
Paul Kelly is the most influential Australian political journalist of the past twenty-five years. There was a time when Kelly was merely the most perceptive chronicler of the nation’s political life, a worthy successor to Alan Reid. With the publication of his most celebrated book, The End of Certainty, he became something rather different: a highly significant player on the national stage. The ... (read more)