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Tim Howard

Tim Howard

Tim Howard lives in suburban Melbourne with his partner and their daughter. His writing has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Enthusiast, The Big Issue, and elsewhere. At present Tim is working on a novel, a handful of short stories, and a series of monologues. He also dabbles in songwriting.

Tim Howard reviews 'Deception' by Michael Meehan

October 2008, no. 305 01 October 2008
Deception is an historical novel that adds to the emergent school of literary fiction concerned with dramatising historical investigation. As with any subgenre, certain conventions abide. The protagonist tends to be male, dour, a bit of a loner. His quest is usually sparked by a relic of some kind: a cache of letters, a photograph. Ultimately, history is shown to impinge on the present; the musty ... (read more)

Tim Howard reviews ‘Heavy Allies’ by Wayne Grogan

November 2008, no. 306 01 November 2008
The Nugan Hand merchant bank was the nexus of one of the most significant criminal conspiracies in Australian history. Established in Sydney in 1973, Nugan Hand was backed by the CIA in concert with domestic and international crime organisations. It acted as a front for a plethora of illegal activities, including gun-running, money laundering and tax fraud, most of which were ancillary to the main ... (read more)

Tim Howard reviews 'Going Down Swinging, no. 28' edited by Lisa Greenaway and Klare Lanson

July-August 2009, no. 313 01 July 2009
For once, it’s fine to judge a book by its cover. Stephen Ives’s busy image of Buster Keaton captures, in co-editor Lisa Greenaway’s words, ‘the essence of [Going Down Swinging] the slapstick/serious; the cultural ruckus; the unwavering stare’. Going Down Swinging is an unapologetic miscellany, distinguished by its vibrant eclecticism. This issue is divided more or less evenly between p ... (read more)

Tim Howard reviews 'Stealing Picasso' by Anson Cameron

March 2010, no. 319 01 March 2010
Stealing Picasso is an art heist caper based on the sensational theft in 1986 of Picasso’s Weeping woman from the National Gallery of Victoria. The crime, attributed to a nebulous gang of militant aesthetes calling themselves the Australian Cultural Terrorists, remains unsolved. Anson Cameron, a Melbourne writer best known for the novel Tin Toys (2000), takes this historical loose end and runs w ... (read more)

Tim Howard reviews 'Ice' by Louis Nowra

November 2008, no. 306 01 November 2008
‘Ice is everywhere,’ observes the narrator of Ice, Louis Nowra’s fifth novel, before succumbing to a bad case of the Molly Blooms and giving us a few pages of punctuation-free interior monologue. No wonder he’s so worked up: ice, in Ice, really is everywhere. It is subject, motif, organising principle, and all-purpose metaphor; it is death, life, stasis, progress; it is seven types of ambi ... (read more)