Peter Heerey

Peter Heerey reviews 'Tom Hughes QC: A cab on the rank' by Ian Hancock

Peter Heerey
25 July 2016

The subtitle of this compellingly readable biography of Thomas Eyre Forrest Hughes AO QC borrows the underlying philosophical metaphor of the independent Bar ...


Peter Heerey reviews 'The Churchill Factor' by Boris Johnson

Peter Heerey
30 November 2015

Had it not been for the leadership of Winston Churchill in 1940, Nazi Germany would in all probability have won World War II. The most enthusiastic revisionist historian would grudgingly accept this proposition.

As this highly readable account by London Mayor Boris Johnson shows, 1940 was the high point of a career that extended from the 1890s to the 1960s. ... More

Peter Heerey reviews 'Old Law, New Law' by Keith Mason

Peter Heerey
31 July 2015

The practice of the law is about stories. The stories the parties tell to the judge, the story the judge tells back or, if you like, the judge’s review of the parties’ stories. Along the way there can be much that is frankly boring to onlookers, or indeed the parties themselves, but also drama, pathos, and humour, both intentional and the opposite. And past case ... More

Peter Heerey reviews 'An Officer and a Spy' by Robert Harris

Peter Heerey
12 May 2014

Some of the wildly successful historical novels of Richard Harris are counter-factual, like Fatherland (1992), which assumes a More

Peter Heerey reviews 'The Years of Lyndon Johnson'

Peter Heerey
25 October 2012

In Australia today, Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–73) seems a fleeting figure on history’s stage: a brief interlude between Kennedy’s Camelot and Nixon’s Watergate – ‘All the way with LBJ!’ – the retreat from quagmire Vietnam – and that’s about it. So how does one justify buying and reading Robert A. Caro’s seven hundred-page book (dubbed ‘bloa ... More