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John Funder

John Funder

John Funder is a Melbourne physician. Kathleen Funder, mother of their children Anna, Hugh and Joshua, died of cancer in 1998.

John Funder reviews 'We’re all going to die' by Leah Kaminsky

March 2017, no. 389 28 February 2017
Good general practice is the cornerstone of a good healthcare system: Australia is blessed with both. Leah Kaminsky has been a Melbourne general practitioner for three decades and by her own explicit admission wrote We’re All Going to Die as a way to address her own fear of death. Her beloved mother was ‘the only leaf left dangling from her charred family tree, having survived the horrors of B ... (read more)

John Funder reviews 'Blood: The stuff of life' by Lawrence Hill

April 2014, no. 360 31 March 2014
Lawrence Hill is the son of a white mother from Chicago (‘a kickass civil rights activist’) and a black father (‘most recently from Washington DC … urban, educated, lower middle class’), but grew up in Toronto. Blood: The Stuff of Life, the ninth of his books, originated as the Canadian Broadcasting Commission’s Massey Lectures, an annual series of broadcasts inaugurated in 1961 as a f ... (read more)