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Mike Smith

Mike Smith was a professional archaeologist specialising in Aboriginal prehistory. He worked extensively in central Australia and other parts of Australia, lectured in Australian archaeology at the Australian National University and was a Senior Curator at the National Museum of Australia.

Mike Smith reviews 'The Riches of Ancient Australia: An indispensable guide for exploring prehistoric Australia' by Josephine Flood

July 1999, no. 212 01 July 1999
Last year I took my twelve-year-old daughter to see Lake Mungo. We talked all morning about ancient lakes and Aboriginal camp sites but looking at the saltbush she could not make the jump. Standing on the lunette, her keen eyes picked out a tiny crenulated piece of bone amongst the drift sand. Less than ten millimetres long it was a fish otolith, part of the bony structure of the inner ear, its sh ... (read more)