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Craig McGregor

Craig McGregor (1933–2022) was a journalist and cultural critic. He wrote Time of Testing. His collection of essays, Soundtrack for the ‘Eighties, was published by Hodder in 1983.

Craig McGregor on writing about Bill Hayden

October 1980, no. 25 09 September 2022
Writing a biography of any practising politician is a difficult task: you are more or less beholden to your subject, and the book can end up an exercise in diplomacy instead of perception. Writing a book about Bill Hayden, who has been called an enigma, a Hamlet, and a Cassandra, is double difficult. Writing about Hayden without Hayden’s help (he ‘was able to squeeze in only limited interviews ... (read more)

Craig McGregor reviews 'A Nation Apart' edited by John McLaren

September 1983, no. 54 21 July 2022
A Nation Apart is the title of this book of essays on contemporary Australia and it’s a good title because it summarises the fragmentation, the sense of disparateness, which characterizes this nation at the moment – and characterises the book itself. ‘We remain unknown … even to ourselves’, says the editor, John McLaren, in an introduction which sets the tone for the book. It is instruc ... (read more)