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David Martin

David Martin (1915–97) was a Hungarian-born Australian writer, poet, and editor. Having settled in Melbourne with his family in 1950, Martin worked as a journalist and edited the Australian Jewish News. He also a regular contributor to journals such as Overland, Meanjin, Southerly, and Quadrant. Martin received the Patrick White Award in 1991.

David Martin reviews 'Visions of Mowanjum: Aboriginal writings from the Kimberley'

October 1980, no. 25 01 October 1980
How, not being an anthropologist, do you set about reviewing tales and fragments of experience from Aboriginals of the Kimberleys? You might begin by stating your difficulties. People like me can usually establish some kind of empathetic link with the arts and traditions of many cultures. If we cannot feel our way into them, at least we can derive intellectual pleasure from contemplating them: as ... (read more)

David Martin reviews 'Faces of My Neighbour: Three journeys into East Asia' by Maslyn Williams

February–March 1980, no. 18 01 February 1980
On page eleven of this book, Australians are called an engagingly innocent people ‘splendidly unthinking of anything but the simplicities of affluent living.’ On page twelve, they are called ‘lazy and uncreative’. On page 311, the author writes: ‘Yet in spite of a widespread belief (mainly self-generated) that we are a nation of yahoos, we have as much capacity for some unique kind of gr ... (read more)