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Cameron Lowe

In this episode of Australian Book Review's States of Poetry podcast, Cameron Lowe reads his poem 'Breathe' which features in the 2016 Victorian anthology.

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The particulars of the evening being, whether consciously
        evoked or – 'a great shemozzle'
                     as Kent said –
          merely one day washing over and into the depths
& ...

The carpet could be cleaner –
so could the world.
There's too much cayenne
in the soup.
The grand abstraction
is one approach
to the poem, I guess –
so too the eye
of the flea.
I can't even taste
the vegetables.
And love?
Mosquitoes are circling
the light globe –
Norma, dead now
a month. And
after we cast the ...

'The gestures of delight are her delight.'
Notate October's last hurrah.
'Dear Cameron, You have an undigested
John Forbes influence,' wrote Gig, a decade past.
Digest, instead, the dusk –
2P –>

       BEACH ...


The sound of shovels scraping
gravel, voices

of men – the night's

clinging still –

Awake to this, or

yet in sleep
you mumble –

A fly

is walking
on your forehead



'Ten thousand women
             an ...

                                                  winter once more and still
           &nbs ...

Author photo Cam Lowe cropped for online 2Cameron Lowe was born in Geelong and grew up in the coastal town of ...

The sudden blush on us        you move
as wind sweeps across blue water
you move       the clouds

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Just over fifty years since the death of the great American poet William Carlos Williams, it is pleasing to see so much of his spirit still alive in Cameron Lowe’s third collection, Circle Work. Williams was often short-changed by poets who, mistakenly, thought his short, ‘photographic’ poems easy to imitate. Lowe, by contrast, fully understands the importance of close observation and imagination. He understands, too, the necessity for skilled syntax and how a poem may consist wholly of details which are not in the least ‘poetic’.

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Avenues & Runways by Aidan Coleman & Throwing Stones at the Sun by Cameron Lowe

December 2005–January 2006, no. 277

Each of these three books is its author’s first, and each carries a cover endorsement by two distinguished poets. You can tell a lot about the books from looking at who endorses whom before you need even to read one of the poems.

The rear cover of Aidan Coleman’s Avenues & Runways (endorsements by Kevin Hart and Peter Goldsworthy) describes him as an imagist. Whatever the exact significance of that term, there is no doubt that this poetry belongs to the class that has slight outward show and rich implications. And the pleasure of reading them is the shuttling between the two. There are at least two important requirements here: the surface has to be elegant and engaging without being slovenly or cute (ah, if you only knew what treasures I conceal!); implications must be intense and never clichéd.

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