April 2014, no. 360

Welcome to the April issue! Our main feature is our Calibre Prize winner for 2014 – Christine Piper’s outstanding ‘Unearthing the Past’ in which Dr Piper writes about Japan’s biological warfare program and the search for answers. Also in the April issue: Adrian Walsh on austerity, Dennis Altman on Edmund White, and reviews of new fiction by Craig Sherborne, Moira McKinnon, and Abbas El-Zein. Also Kate Holden reviews the new novel from our Open Page guest Linda Jaivin and we publish new poems by Will Eaves, Brendan Ryan, Kate Middleton, and Judith Bishop.

April 2014, no. 360

2014 Calibre Prize (Winner): Unearthing the Past

Christine Piper

Christine Piper is the winner of the 2014 Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay, worth $5,000. In this powerful essay, she writes about Japanese biological weapons and wartime experiments on living human beings.

Mark Blyth on the Dangers of Austerity

Adrian Walsh

Should state spending on government be more restricted, or is it private financial institutions that should pay? Adrian Walsh writes about fresh controversies over international austerity programs.

Kate Holden reviews 'The Empress Lover' by Linda Jaivin

Kate Holden
In Linda Jaivins’ new novel, the protagonist is a Jaivinesque Australian expat shivering in a Beijing butong room. Kate Holden follows the twists and turns of The Empress Lover, with certain reservations.

'Of Ash', a new poem by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Cento after Peter Steele

Is this not running wild?
Silk-white ashes of dream and film
nerve into drama −
into darkness and its minotaur

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