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Gareth Evans

'Where Are We in the War on Terrorism' by Gareth Evans

May 2004, no. 261 01 May 2004
It is hard to avoid the assessment that the most visible product to date of the war on terrorism has been nothing much more, or less, than more war and more terror. The unhappy reality since September 11 seems to be that all our major cities, and concentrations of Westerners anywhere, are as vulnerable as ever; the capacity of terrorist actors to do harm is as great as ever; their motivations are ... (read more)

Gareth Evans reviews 'What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Existential risk and extreme politics' by Andrew Leigh

March 2022, no. 440 20 February 2022
Most people, and certainly most politicians, don’t spend much time or emotional energy thinking about whether human life on this planet will still exist in one hundred years’ time, or what efforts might need to be made right now if we and our descendants are to avoid extinction. More Covid-scale pandemics, and the increasingly obvious reality of global warming, are both now being seen – tho ... (read more)