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Judith Rodriguez

Judith Rodriguez

Judith Rodriguez was a Melbourne poet. Her most recent book was The Feather Boy and Other Poems (Puncher and Wattmann), Judith’s fifteenth collection, launched by her lifelong friend David Malouf a week before her death on November 22, 2018. A university teacher, Judith enjoyed working with the Melbourne Shakespeare Society and PEN.

Judith Rodriguez reviews 'Musings' by Anthony Turner, 'Under the Weather' by Laurie Duggan, 'Knabel' by Vicki Viidikas, 'A Photo of Some People in a Football Stadium' by Eric Beach, and 'Invitation to a Marxist Lesbian Party' by Lee Cataldi

May 1979, no. 10 01 May 1979
Every book of poems is to some degree a selection, unless it’s a record of work and gets down among discarded drafts. Anthony Turner’s unpromisingly-titled first book (Musings: A collection of poems, 1965-1977, Hawthorn Press, $4.50 pb, 74 pp) needs so much more editing that it was an unwise venture into covers. Noting against poems ‘oldie’, ‘exercise’, and worse, I found interest in ... (read more)

Judith Rodriguez reviews 'Earth and Solitude' by Barbara Giles, 'Abruptly from the Flatlands' by Joyce Lee, and 'Re: The National Neurosis: Ockers' by Π.O.

June 1984, no. 61 01 June 1984
Pariah Press is a brave new enterprise. A group of Melbourne poets have decided on the often-mentioned but rarely attempted co-operative method of publication. Barbara Giles and Joyce Lee are the first with books under Pariah’s deceptively humble imprint. Giles is well known as the chief Editor, till recently, of Luna magazine, but the author of racy and successful nonsense verse and stories fo ... (read more)

Reading Australia: 'Dimboola' by Jack Hibberd

Reading Australia 24 December 2015
Dimboola's title is a great start to the play that was first performed in 1969. It belongs nowhere but in Australia. At the same time, not many people can claim to have lived there or to know someone from Dimboola. Indigenous? Maybe. And where is Dimboola? You drive through it on your way to somewhere else. It's in Victoria, out where all the roads are signposted 'so many km to Melbourne'. There ... (read more)

'Lake Writing' a new poem by Judith Rodriguez

May 2015, no. 371 28 April 2015
If I ask myself why I write about lakes(again and again the task of keeping on course)I think how the lake veers and veers, always left –I start that way, land bulked on my rightfor my abler hand to be sure, eye and the witlessother hand still feeling, open to water,half-trained, shaping and stopping intervals on roundedstrings sounding in the mind till the right handtakes and makes it music. Th ... (read more)