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David T. Runia

David T. Runia

David T. Runia is Professorial Fellow at the University of
Melbourne and Honorary Professor at Australian Catholic University.

David T. Runia reviews 'Philoponus Against Proclus's "On the Eternity of the World" 1–5 and 6–8' translated by Michael Share

April 2007, no. 290 19 September 2022
Philoponus Against Proclus's 'On the Eternity of the World' 1–5 translated by Michael Share Duckworth, £55 hb, 163 pp There was a time not so long ago when research on ancient philosophy was confined largely to the study of the great philosophers Plato and Aristotle, and their antecedents. To take one example, in A History of Ancient Western Philosophy, published in 1959 by the respected scho ... (read more)

David T. Runia reviews 'The Christian Invention of Time: Temporality and the literature of late antiquity' by Simon Goldhill

September 2022, no. 446 27 August 2022
Long gone are the days when the discipline of classics was almost exclusively focused on the golden ages of fifth-century Greek and first-century BCE Roman literature and their antecedents. During the past decades, under the leadership of the indomitable Peter Brown and others, the period of later antiquity has become a burgeoning field of research. Yet it cannot be said that the study of specific ... (read more)