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Christina Hill

Christina Hill is a Melbourne-based writer.

Christina Hill reviews 'Everything I Knew' by Peter Goldsworthy

November 2008, no. 306 25 October 2019
‘The past is another country. They do things differently there.’ L.P. Hartley   In his latest novel, Everything I Knew, Peter Goldsworthy uses this famous quotation. Indeed, it is so apposite that it might well have provided the epigraph. Everything I Knew is, in part, a self-conscious reworking of Hartley’s The Go-Between (1953). The first-person narrator, Robert Burns, is a naïve ... (read more)

Christina Hill reviews 'The Butterfly Man' by Heather Rose

April 2006, no. 280 01 April 2006
This novel is about the redemption of a man believed to have committed murder. E. Annie Proulx, in her discontinuous novel Postcards (1993), sympathetically traces the tragic life of a protagonist who raped and accidentally killed his lover. Heather Rose poses a similar ethical question about a protagonist who was a real person; she imagines a post-murder existence for the infamous Lord Lucan, who ... (read more)

Christina Hill reviews 'The Time We Have Taken' by Steven Carroll

March 2007, no. 289 01 May 2007
Steven Carroll’s The Time We Have Taken is the latest in his trilogy – with The Art of the Engine Driver (2001), The Gift of Speed (2004) – about a northern suburb of Melbourne. Referred to only as ‘the suburb’, this anonymity serves to make it a universal place on the fringes of any Australian city. Known to the reader of the two earlier novels, first as a child and then as an adolesce ... (read more)
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