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Andy Kissane

Andy Kissane has published a novel, a book of short stories, The Swarm, and four books of poetry. Awards for his poetry include the Fish International Poetry Prize, the Australian Poetry Journal’s Poem of the Year and the Tom Collins Poetry Prize. Radiance (Puncher & Wattmann, 2014) was shortlisted for the Victorian and Western Australian Premier’s Prizes for Poetry and the Adelaide Festival Awards. He recently co-edited a book of criticism on Australian poetry, Feeding the Ghost. His fifth poetry collection, The Tomb of the Unknown Artist is due in 2019. He teaches English and lives in Sydney. 

'The Bluetongue as an Answer to the Anxiety of Reputation', a new poem by Andy Kissane

August 2014, no. 363 23 July 2014
Three bluetongues reside in our steep bush garden of sandstone ledges and the stumps of fallen trees.One is content to doze under a rock while around hereveryone chatters; one lost the pointy end of its tailto a neighbour’s cat and one dozes in the dead plot beneath brown grass cuttings and when disturbed, scampers off to hide in the drain under the steps. I’m tempted to give them Australian n ... (read more)