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Sue Murray

Sue Murray is a writer, editor and educator. She spent time as the editor of children's literary magazine The School Magazine. She currently conducts writing and editing workshops.

Sue Murray reviews 'Big-noting: the heroic theme in Australian war writing' by Robin Gerster

August 1988, no. 103 26 August 2022
At a time when critics are becoming increasingly interested in Australia’s war literature Robin Gerster turns to it for an understanding of how national legends are created and perpetuated. With World War I, European and English writers recognized that the development of technology in weaponry and munitions enabled military bureaucrats to destroy on a dimension never before envisaged. The histo ... (read more)

Sue Murray reviews 'Australian Cultural History, vol. 11' edited by David Walker, Julia Horne and Martyn Lyons

September 1992, no. 144 01 September 1992
It is refreshing to find an approach to literature that largely avoids traditional methods of discourse. Books, Readers, Reading is a compilation of essays from an Australian Cultural History Conference held in June 1991 and it encompasses subjects as diverse as Bible reading, a history of Australia’s first paper­backs and circulating libraries. ... (read more)