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Maks Sipowicz

Maks Sipowicz

Maks Sipowicz is a Polish-Australian writer and academic living in Melbourne. His literary criticism and short fiction have previously appeared in Australian Book Review, 3AM Magazine, Mascara Literary Review and elsewhere.

Maks Sipowicz reviews 'Nothing to See' by Pip Adam

May 2021, no. 431 26 April 2021
Pip Adam’s third novel, Nothing to See, is a multifaceted and complex work. The complications begin immediately, as we meet the protagonist, Peggy and Greta, who are a recovering alcoholic. The odd combination of the singular and plural here is intentional. As far as appearances go, Peggy and Greta are different individuals with separate bodies and separate minds. Nonetheless, they share one lif ... (read more)

Max Sipowicz reviews 'Mr Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares' by Tim Molloy

September 2016, no. 384 24 August 2016
Mr Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares is the third volume of Tim Molloy's stories featuring Mr Unpronounceable, a modern-day shaman inhabiting a surreal universe of twisted and interfolded worlds. Time is relative here: each story is a section or a causal twist within another story. The narrative appears to make sense, only to be contradicted by the logic of ensuing story. ... (read more)

Max Sipowicz reviews 'Zombies' by Jennifer Rutherford

December 2014, no. 367 01 December 2014
In recent times the figure of the zombie has pervaded modern culture. Despite their origins as macabre creatures from Haitian myths, and then their modern cultural origins in B-grade horror films, zombies have established themselves as an important element of modern mythology. Jennifer Rutherford’s book aims to explore the reasons for our society’s obsession with these decaying entities. ... (read more)