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Janette Turner Hospital

Janette Turner Hospital

Janette Turner Hospital is an Australian-born fiction writer who taught English and Creative Writing at a variety of North American institutions (primarily the University of South Carolina). She is the author of the novels Borderline (1985), Oyster (1996), and Due Preparations for the Plague (2014) as well as the short story collections Dislocations (1986) and North of Nowhere, South of Loss (2003). She received the Patrick White Award and Queensland Premier's Literary Award in 2003.

Janette Turner Hospital reviews 'Women’s Erotica: Erotica by contemporary Australian women' edited by Lyn Giles

November 1988, no. 106 01 November 1988
The mind, a friend of mine (female) once said to me, is the sexiest organ. I agree absolutely; and this extremely uneven anthology is replete with evidence that what turns us on – in the flesh, in art, in literature – is not genital activity per se, but the reactive imagination. Of or pertaining to sexual love; arousing or satisfying sexual desire, the Macquarie Dictionary says of erotic, tho ... (read more)