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Nigel Krauth

Nigel Krauth is an Australian novelist and academic. He is a Professor at Griffith University teaching creative writing. He has published four novels and co-authored a number of young adult works.

Nigel Krauth reviews 'The Riders' by Tim Winton

September 1994, no. 164 01 September 1994
Okay I’ve just finished reading Tim Winton’s The Riders. I’ve scribbled notes on pages all the way through, but I don’t want to go back and consult them. Who wants to return to hell? The Riders is a novel to read legless, brainless, and heartless. I recommend litres of Irish whisky, ouzo, cheap French wine, Dutch beer, or anything that stops you from feeling. The Riders is your wildest ni ... (read more)

Nigel Krauth reviews 'Vanishing Points' by Thea Astley

September 1992, no. 144 01 September 1992
Draw an outline of the Cape York Peninsula, far north Queensland. Just a rough one. An isosceles triangle, more or less. Now draw its mirror image away from the baseline. Imagine it in 3-0. Two cones. Two cyclones joined, spinning in opposite directions. Male and female vortices balancing each other, consuming each other. That’s it. Two novellas making a novel: Thea Astley’s brilliant Vanishin ... (read more)

Nigel Krauth reviews 'The Grisly Wife' by Rodney Hall

November 1993, no. 156 01 November 1993
In 1868 John Heaps (alias Muley Moloch), a preacher, self-styled prophet, and trained bootmaker, left England with a group of eight women bound for Australia. Their intention was to set up a mission dedicated to the development of their own perfection and a preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. They arrived in Melbourne but found it unsuitable as a New Jerusalem (too superficial and violen ... (read more)