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Diana Glenn reviews Italians in Australia: History, memory, identity by Francesco Ricatti

Diana Glenn
26 July 2019

In its interrogation and negotiation of contemporary theoretical frameworks and practices at the core of the Italian–Australian migration complex, Francesco Ricatti’s comprehensive stu More

Ian Tyrrell reviews Secularists, Religion and Government in Nineteenth-Century America by Timothy Verhoeven

Ian Tyrrell
22 April 2019

In an address to the National Prayer Breakfast (8 February 2018), President Donald Trump called the United States a ‘nation of believers’. As evidence, he reminded his audience that th More

Frank Bongiorno reviews 'A History of Australia' by Mark Peel and Christina Twomey

Frank Bongiorno
21 March 2012

‘The product under consideration is Shist.’ So began New Zealand historian Keith Sinclair’s discussion of short histories in 1968. His irreverent diminutive is still occasionally hea More

Stuart Macintyre reviews 'Australia and Appeasement' by Christopher Waters

Stuart Macintyre
22 February 2012

For long after World War II, particular opprobrium was reserved for the statesmen who failed to resist the belligerent dictators. Their failure was denounced in the popular tract Guilt More