Amy Baillieu

Amy Baillieu reviews Crossings by Alex Landragin

Amy Baillieu
23 May 2019

I didn’t write this review. I stole it. Or so a review that echoes the framing conceit of Alex Landragin’s elegant and unusual début might begin. This richly allusive, speculative his More

Amy Baillieu reviews You Know You Want This by Kristen Roupenian

Amy Baillieu
22 February 2019

'If you think you know what this collection will be like, you’re wrong,’ Carmen Maria Machado (author of the brilliant < More

Amy Baillieu reviews 'Flames' by Robbie Arnott

Amy Baillieu
26 April 2018

Robbie Arnott’s Flames is an exuberantly creative and confident début. Set in an alternate Tasmania, Flames’s kaleidoscopic narrative crackles with energy and imagin More

Amy Baillieu reviews 'The Good People' by Hannah Kent

Amy Baillieu
23 September 2016

After reading her début novel about Agnes Magnúsdóttir, the last person to be executed in Iceland, no one is likely to pick up a book by Hannah Kent expecting a frothy comedy ...


News from the Editor's Desk - August 2016

26 July 2016

News from the the Editor's Desk in the August issue of Australian Book Review.


News from the Editor's Desk - September 2016

29 August 2016

News from the the Editor's Desk in the September issue of Australian Book Review.


Amy Baillieu reviews 'Clade' by James Bradley

Amy Baillieu
26 February 2015

Set in an unsettlingly convincing near future, James Bradley’s fourth novel, Clade, opens with climate scientist Adam Leith walking along an Antarctic coastline reflecting on the state of the world and on his relationship with his partner, Ellie. After six years together, their relationship is under pressure as Ellie undergoes fertility treatment. Adam is a ... More

2017 Jolley Prize Judges

Amy Baillieu
31 March 2017

AmyAmy Baillieu completed a Masters of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne in 2011 and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the same university with majors in English Literature and French. She also attended the Sorbonne in Paris, where she completed a Cours ... More

Amy Baillieu reviews 'Letter to George Clooney'

Amy Baillieu
28 February 2014

There are some writers whose style is so distinctive they can be identified from a single paragraph. Sydney writer Debra Adelaide is more of a chameleon. Letter to George Clooney is Adelaide’s first short story collection. She has previously written three novels and edited several anthologies. Her first novel, The Hotel Albatross (1995), is the meand ... More

Amy Baillieu reviews 'The Sleepers Almanac No. 8' edited by Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn

Amy Baillieu
26 March 2013

The latest Sleepers Almanac opens with a surreal encounter between a suave cane toad, presented as an amphibian Jiminy Cricket, and the guilt-wracked mother of a drug addict (‘Happy Monday’), and ends with the elaborate imaginings of a woman trying to distract herself from the reason why she is sitting in a hospital waiting room (‘How to Talk to a Fire ... More

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