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Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Monash University. He specialises in the field of modern political theory, with particular reference to the politics of identity and the politics of time.

Paul Muldoon reviews 'After Lockdown: A metamorphosis' by Bruno Latour, translated by Julie Rose

December 2021, no. 438 23 November 2021
Bruno Latour’s new book, After Lockdown: A metamorphosis, is so engaging from the first that one feels obliged to begin just where he does: with an arresting portrait of a man who wakes from a long sleep to find that everything, save the moon and its indifferent rotations, makes him uneasy. Everywhere he sees reminders of the lost innocence of the Anthropocene. The sun brings to mind global warm ... (read more)

'The prison of the past: The promise and the risk of the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission' by Paul Muldoon

July 2021, no. 433 21 June 2021
In early 2021, the Victorian government announced the creation of the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission to investigate the harms done to Aboriginal people through colonisation. Named after the word for truth in the Wemba Wemba/Wamba Wamba langauge, Yoo-rrook will be the first exercise of its kind in an Australian jurisdiction and one of the most significant responses yet offered to the call for Voice, ... (read more)

'Bodies in motion: The pandemic, the economy, and the dictator' by Paul Muldoon

October 2020, no. 425 24 September 2020
‘Healthy People Gather for Your Freedom.’ So read the sign held proudly aloft by a young woman at a protest against coronavirus restrictions on ‘Freedom Day’ in Melbourne. Drawn to the Shrine in a symbolic gesture of solidarity with those other ‘diggers’ who defended Australia against the threat of authoritarianism, she was part of a small crowd with a big message: ‘Freedom is under ... (read more)

Paul Muldoon reviews 'How to Democratize Europe' by Stéphanie Hennette et al.

December 2019, no. 417 22 November 2019
The import of this book is best summed up by pinching one of its section headings: ‘another Europe is possible’. In this other Europe, this better one, the ‘democratic deficit’ that has bedevilled the European project from the outset has finally found a satisfactory resolution. A dream? Not at all. For the authors of this book, it is a ‘realistic utopia’, fully achievable if the right ... (read more)