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Alexander Howard

Alexander Howard

Alexander Howard is a writer and a postdoctoral researcher based in Sydney. He has worked as an associate tutor in English and American Literature at the University of Sussex, and as an undergraduate tutor in English at the University of Oxford. He is currently working on a monograph about the American Surrealist poet Charles Henri Ford and Camp Modernism.

Alexander Howard Reviews 'English as a Vocation: The Scrutiny movement' by Christopher Hilliard

December 2013–January 2014, no. 357 01 December 2013
Christopher Hilliard’s meticulously researched and richly detailed English as a Vocation: The Scrutiny Movement opens with a historical anecdote regarding an after-hours, postwar negotiation ‘between literary analysis and popular culture’ undertaken in that most evocative of English holiday destinations: Scarborough. In these opening lines, Hilliard describes how the founder and director of ... (read more)

Alexander Howard reviews 'The Cambridge Companion to American Poetry Since 1945' edited by Jennifer Ashton

July–August 2013, no. 353 27 June 2013
The scene: a cold, bright January day in the snow-covered capital of the United States. The occasion: the presidential inauguration of John F. Kennedy. Up to the podium steps America’s unofficial poet laureate, eighty-six-year-old Robert Frost. Temporarily blinded by the glare of brilliant sunshine and freshly fallen snow, Frost sets aside the handwritten text of his specially prepared ‘Dedica ... (read more)