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Pam Macintyre

Pam Macintyre

Pam Macintyre is the editor of Viewpoint: On Books For Young Adults and teaches in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.


Pam Macintyre reviews 'Taj and the Great Camel Trek' by Rosanne Hawke

September 2011, no. 334 22 August 2011
To make Ernest Giles’s trek across the scrub and desert of southern Australia interesting to younger readers, relate it through the eyes of a young protagonist. It was an inspired choice to invent Taj, twelve-year-old son of the historical figure Saleh Mohamed, Afghan cameleer, and an equally inspired choice to invent Taj’s beloved young camel, Mustara. The love and respect between camel and b ... (read more)

Pam Macintyre reviews 'Good Oil' by Laura Buzo

February 2011, no. 328 04 May 2011
There is much to like in this début Young Adult novel: its straightforward storytelling, distinctive central characters, well-tuned adolescent dialogue, and humorous depiction of first love. Fifteen-year-old Amelia attends a girls-onlyschool, has two sisters – one away at university, the other just three years old – and a theatre director father who has a hands-off approach to parenting. Her ... (read more)
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