Susan Sontag

Sam Leith, literary editor of Spectator magazine, recently put author Benjamin Moser on the spot. ‘Do you think her work will last?’ he asked, referring to the writings of Susan Sontag, whose biography Moser had not long finished. ‘And if so, which of it?’ Moser dissembled bravely. ‘Well, I hope so ...

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SUSAN SONTAG: A Biography by by Daniel Schreiber, trans. David Dollenmayer. & Susan Sontag by by Jerome Boyd Maunsell

March 2015, no. 369
At the age of eight I wanted to be a novelist. By the age of eighteen, having fallen in love with an intellectual, I aspired to be a novelist with sturdy intellectual credentials. ... (read more)

Sempre Susan by Sigrid Nunez & Swimming in a Sea of Death by David Rieff

September 2011, no. 334

In her short memoir of Susan Sontag, novelist Sigrid Nunez claims that she did not read the obituaries and commentaries after her death in 2004, and that she was never much interested in what other people said about Sontag. If it’s true, she is indeed a rara avis. Susan Sontag, in death as in life, generates enormous interest and a growing literature, one that pro ...