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Caroline Lurie reviews 'Lambs of God' by Marele Day

Caroline Lurie
06 September 2019

Nuns supply the world with a wonderful source of all-singing, all-dancing, laughing or weeping material, from More

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'Fortune' by Lenny Bartulin

Francesca Sasnaitis
03 September 2019

Fortune begins with Napoleon’s triumphant entry into Berlin on 27 October 1806. Does it matter whether the popular image of the emperor astride a magnificent white stallion is a More

James Bradley reviews 'The Rich Man’s House' by Andrew McGahan

James Bradley
02 September 2019

Andrew McGahan’s final book, The Rich Man’s House, opens with an apology. ‘It’s a finished novel – I wouldn’t be letting it out into the world if it wasn’t – but I More

Paul Dalgarno reviews 'Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing' by David Leser

Paul Dalgarno
09 August 2019

Australian journalist and author David Leser’s 2018 Good WeekendMore

Neal Blewett reviews 'A Thinking Reed' by Barry Jones

Neal Blewett
08 August 2019

Gough Whitlam is idolised, Bob Hawke respected, and Paul Keating admired, but Barry Jones is undoubtedly the most loved by the Labo More

Gillian Whitlock reviews 'Faith: Faith Bandler, gentle activist' by Marilyn Lake

Gillian Whitlock
07 August 2019

I came to this book after reading Don Watson’s biography of Paul Keating. On the cover of Recollections of a Bleeding More

Richard Freadman reviews 'Rose Boys' by Peter Rose

Richard Freadman
07 August 2019

In February 1974, Robert Rose, a twenty-two-year-old Australian Rules footballer and Victorian state cri More

Cathrine Harboe-Ree reviews 'The Hand That Signed the Paper' by Helen Demidenko

Cathrine Harboe-Ree
06 August 2019

Whether you track backwards in time from the hidden pestilence that is Chernobyl, or forwards from the vengeful terror of Stalin’ More

Jaya Savige reviews 'Macquarie PEN anthology of Aboriginal literature' edited by Anita Heiss and Peter Minter

Jaya Savige
06 August 2019

In 1938, the year of Australia’s sesquicentennial celebrations, trade unionist William Ferguson and former boxer John Patten helped to organise the first Aboriginal Day of Mourning and P More

Richard J. Martin reviews The Colonial Fantasy: Why white Australia can’t solve black problems by Sarah Maddison

Richard J. Martin
22 July 2019

‘Fuck Australia, I hope it fucking burns to the ground.’ Sarah Maddison opens this book by quoting Tarneen Onus-Williams, the young Indigenous activist who sparked a brief controversy More

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