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Peter Conrad

Peter Conrad

Peter Conrad is a writer, academic, and regular contributer to the Observer. His many books include Modern Time, Modern Places (1998), At Home in Australia (2003), Creation: Artists, God, and Origins (2007), and most recently, Verdi and/or Wagner: Two Men, Two Worlds, Two Centuries (2011).

Peter Conrad reviews 'The Hanging Garden' by Patrick White

April 2012, no. 340 01 April 2012
‘Genius,’ as Arthur Rimbaud put it, ‘is childhood recovered at will.’ Rimbaud himself abandoned poetry at the age of twenty and thereafter refused to look back, but Patrick White exemplified the rule in writing The Hanging Garden. He was sixty-eight at the time, and had just completed his rancorous memoir Flaws in the Glass (1981); having disburdened himself of a lifetime’s gripes and gr ... (read more)