March 2011 no. 329

March 2011 no. 329

News from the Editor's Desk

Chong’s covers

Last month’s cover subject, Paul Kelly, proved immensely popular when we began advertising a new series of portrait prints based on W.H. Chong’s cover images. Each portrai ... More

The poetry of Dorothy Hewett

Susan Sheridan

A fresh selection of Hewett’s passionate verse

Susan Sheridan


Selected Poems of Dorothy Hewett
edited by Kate Lilley
U ... More

Tony Judt: Ill Fares the Land; and Tony Judt: The Memory Chalet

Bruce Grant

Offerings and jeremiads from the stoic Tony Judt

Bruce Grant


Ill Fares the Land
by Tony Judt
Allen Lane, $29.95 pb, 238 ... More

Robert Bell: Ballets Russes

Alan R. Dodge

The astonishing legacy of Sergei Diaghilev

Alan R. Dodge


Ballets Russes: The Art of Costume
by Robert Bell
National Gall ... More

Also in this issue

Self-portrait at Sixty

Tony Lintermans


Judith Bishop


Alex Skovron

This Version of Love

Dorothy Hewett

Karen Tayleur: Six

Anna Ryan-Punch