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Tony Lintermans

Tony Lintermans

Tony Lintermans is a renowned Australian poet, whose books of poetry include The Shed Manifesto (Scribe, 1989), Inside the Circle (Agnus & Robertson, 1979), and Town Tales (Oxford University Press, 1981).

'Self-portrait at Sixty', a new poem by Tony Lintermans

March 2011, no. 329 12 April 2011
What am I? A crushed hominid. A can of couscous, seeding. A shudder of my former self, a self-defrosting fridge. Good with dogs, at looking after dogs, at looking dog-like. Mosquito slapper, hopeless unwrapper of shrink-wrapped cheese. What am I here for? To look after my fading father, to bury and speak when the time comes for scatter and ash. To be a glorious father, hah. To bother and fret li ... (read more)