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Richard Watts

Richard Watts present SmartArts on RRR, and serves as the National Performing Arts Editor for ArtsHub. In 2021, Richard was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Green Room Awards.

Richard Watts reviews 'Making Noises' by Euan Mitchell

June 2007, no. 292 01 June 2007
Making Noises is the second self-published novel from Melbourne author Euan Mitchell, and follows in the footsteps of his best-selling début, Feral Tracks (1998). Like Feral Tracks, Mitchell’s new book is partially inspired by his own life experiences, in particular his time spent playing in pub bands and working at Ausmusic. On one level a satirical novel about politics and power in the Austr ... (read more)

Richard Watts reviews 'Company' by Max Barry

April 2007, no. 290 07 July 2022
Australian author Max Barry specialises in satirising the profit-obsessed world of corporate enterprise in his sharply observed, easily digestible novels, of which Company is his third. Syrup, his first book, published in 1999, told the story of Scat, a character whose name more than broadly hinted at the author’s jaundiced view of the career he had previously been engaged in (Barry was a salesm ... (read more)

Richard Watts reviews 'On the Road: The original scroll' by Jack Kerouac

December 2007–January 2008, no. 297 01 December 2007
In one of the most famous, free-flowing and deceptively careless paragraphs in his second novel, On The Road (1957), Jack Kerouac (1922–69) writes with disarming honesty about his relationship with ‘Dean Moriarty’ (Neal Cassady) and ‘Carlo Marx’ (Allen Ginsberg), each of whom would later become, like Kerouac himself, central figures in the mythology of the ‘Beat Generation’: ... (read more)