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Craig Wilcox

Craig Wilcox

Craig Wilcox is a military historian. His most recent scholarly book is Red Coat Dreaming: How Colonial Australia Embraced the British Army (2009).

Craig Wilcox reviews 'Boredom is the Enemy: The Intellectual and Imaginative Lives of Australian Soldiers in the Great War and Beyond' by Amanda Laugesen

October 2012, no. 345 25 September 2012
W hat book would you want to read in hell, or in one of humanity’s remarkably competent imitations of it? Tristram Shandy seemed about right to one young Yorkshireman who reached the Western Front in 1915. A year later he found an anthology for soldiers edited by Robert Bridges, the poet laureate, but it seemed so lofty in purpose, so earnest in its morality, and so abstract in its idealism th ... (read more)

Craig Wilcox reviews 'Desert Boys' by Peter Rees

April 2012, no. 340 01 April 2012
Where would Australian publishers and bookshops be without popular military history? Door-stoppers with their green-and-brown dust jackets that shout ‘epic’ and ‘Anzac’, ‘hell’ and ‘tragedy’, might be less lucrative than cooking, diet, and self-help books, but they are up there with cricket memoirs and true crime. Where would we book-buyers be without them? They are a reliable stan ... (read more)