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P. Kishore Saval

P. Kishore Saval

P. Kishore Saval is Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) at Australian Catholic University.

P. Kishore Saval reviews 'The Elizabethan Mind: Searching for the self in an age of uncertainty' by Helen Hackett

September 2022, no. 446 27 August 2022
The Elizabethan Mind attempts nothing less than a comprehensive summary – within the limits of existing scholarship – of the literary, philosophical, theological, religious, scientific, political, social, emotional, and cosmic contexts for understanding the nature of the mind in the age of Elizabethan England. Insofar as is possible for a cultural history of this kind, the book succeeds. It is ... (read more)

P. Kishore Saval reviews 'Holding a Mirror up to Nature: Shame, guilt, and violence in Shakespeare' by James Gilligan and David A.J. Richards

April 2022, no. 441 23 March 2022
Familiarity may have inured us to Shakespeare’s violence. Poison, suffocation, suicide, rape, and assassination are among the central events of his major plays. But the upper-middle-class respectability of too many Shakespeare performances and the insipid, managerial culture of academic ‘Shakespeare studies’ threaten to reduce the greatest of all dramatists to something antiseptic and safe. ... (read more)