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Frances McInherny

Frances McInherny was a freelance reviewer.

Frances McInherny reviews 'Turtle Beach' by Blanche d'Alpuget

May 1981, no. 30 01 April 1981
Dust jacket blurbs are usually misleading, but at least one point made by the back cover of Blanche d’Alpuget’s new novel, Turtle Beach, is authentic. It refers to the ‘Graham Greene sense of inevitability’ of the events of the work. As an admirer of Greene, especially in his Third World novels, I can confidently recommend Turtle Beach as a worthy successor to such socially important novel ... (read more)

Frances McInherny reviews 'Sister Kate' by Jean Bedford

November 1982, no. 46 01 November 1982
This is a very fine first novel by Jean Bedford. Her first publication was the collection of short stories, Country Girl Again, published by Sisters Press in 1978. Sister Kate justly deserves to be one of the two bestsellers in Melbourne. The novel traces the life of Kate Kelly, sister of the famous Ned, and opens when Kate is twelve and Edward just returned from a three-year stint in Pentridge. ... (read more)

Frances McInherny reviews 'Seven Books for Grossman' by Morris Lurie and 'Uphill Runner' by James McQueen

May 1984, no. 60 01 May 1984
Perhaps too many relatives, constant rain, and excessive New Year celebrations have left me cranky and cheerless, but Morris Lurie’s latest novel, Seven Books for Grossman, did little to improve the general malaise. It is a slight volume. It certainly lacks the insight and compassion of some of Lurie’s short story collections like Dirty Friends. It also lacks the humour. ... (read more)